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The Carter/Johnson Leather Library

The Carter/Johnson Leather Library is a collective history of various communities who have chosen to live and love differently. The Library, a 501(c)(3) (pending) organization, is chartered to bring this history to the communities that it serves. As the only library of its kind, it is our mission to create an interactive relationship with the stories from the past and the present and link them to future generations. The Library collection includes thousands of leather, fetish, S/m, kink and alternate sexuality books, magazines, posters, art, newspapers, ephemera and memorabilia dating back to the 1700's. The Carter/Johnson Library is designed to put people in touch with their history by allowing them to hold it, read it, smell it and know it.

Library Van Fundraiser



Let's buy a van!

With your help, we have raised $8557 to buy a van for the library. This means that groups all over the US can stop paying hundreds of dollars to rent a van and start enjoying the library for the price of gas and lodging. The auction in Atlanta was a HUGE success - the Panther L/L, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and others showed up to buy leather bras, skirts, event packages and toys - all to support the Library. Lloyd E Russell has promised matching those funds to the tune of $2254. MTTA is donating $1000 and some of our other donors are Robert Johnson, Sir Stephen, PLPN, Sir Ben and his boy joe, TazzP, MAsT: Massachusetts, Purple Passion / DV8, Catherine Chempanos, Owings Mills Munch and Lolita Wolf. We thank you all very much!


It's not too late - the new Library van will need to be registered, insured and will likely (certainly eventually) need repairs.


Click the Donate button below to donate to the Library's Van Fund.


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